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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carnival Cruise Lines' Carnival Glory to Sail From Boston - Smart Move,

Carnival Cruise Line has made a very wise move when they relocated the Carnival Glory from New York to Boston for the slack months for Canada cruises. Although I love New York and I am an sorry to see her spend a good chunk of the summer further north,- it is a wise move on Carnival's part.

Summer cruises to New England and Canada have traditionally been offered at a discount.
In 2012, Disney Cruise Line will begin sailing from New York to Canada (and a second itinerary to Florida and the Bahamas). The added capacity of Disney would have put added pressure on the demand from New York causing further discounting.

In addition, the relocation of the Carnival Glory to Boston helps eliminate about 750 nautical miles and eliminate the cost associated with the fuel. The Carnival Glory can also sail at slower speeds for her days at sea also improving her fuel consumption.

I would love to see the demand for New England Canada Cruise rise during the summer months, but until this happens cruise lines will be forced to find creative ways to maintain a presence and operate efficiently.

The Carnival Glory will sail from New York starting in August, 2012 for the higher demand fall foliage cruises.

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