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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cruise Industry Finds Creative Ways to Combat Increasing Fuel Charges

The Cruise Industry is going though a number of pressures with the increase in the price of fuel and the sluggish economy. I have to say I am very surprised that the cruise lines have not re-instituted a fuel surcharge - but we still may see them by the end of the year.

Some cruise lines have taken measures to combat the rise in fuel prices. Some have moved ships around, using more fuel efficient ships on itineraries that have more days at sea. Others have modified the itineraries to include ports that are closer together while others have tried to develop unique itineraries that demand higher fares. In general, the cruise lines have not been offering deep discounted fares in an effort to compensate for fuel increases.

Recent dry-docking of ships include more energy-conservation maintenance activities including the cleaning of the hull to create less drag while sailing and modifications to the engines to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, more green features are being incorporated including energy efficient lighting and automatic shutoff of the air-conditioning when balcony cabin veranda doors are opened.


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