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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Once Elegent Sea Venture / Pacific Princess Is In Search of a Buyer.

The Sea Venture was built in 1971 by Nordseewerke, Emden, West Germany for Flagship Cruises. The Sea Venture was very popular on the New York to Bermuda run and the symbol of elegance when she was introduced. Together, the Sea Venture and her sister the Island Venture, were the new luxury standard for cruising.

Although the ships had a strong following, the high per diems and high operating costs stressed the company's financials. These 2 factors combined with a generous offer to purchase the ships from Princess Cruises caused the Sea Venture (and her sister) to be sold off to Princess Cruises.

The Sea Venture in 1974 became the Pacific Princess, well known in the popular television series "The Love Boat" which debuted in 1977

The Pacific Princess sailed for Princess until 2003, when she was sold to Pullmantur Cruises in Spain and sailed as the Pacific.

In turn she was chartered to Quail Cruises in 2008 and continued to sail as Pacific. She was eventually was sold to Quail Cruises which commenced a major renovation and upgrade of the vessel. The work proved more expensive than anticipated and after spending $10+ Million dollars in rennovations, Quail Cruises walked away from the ship.

The vessel remains laid up in Italy and multiple attempts have been made to auction the ship off on the behalf of creditors but they have yet to find a bidder to meet the minimum purchase price of 2.7 Million Euros.

She is currently laid up in Genoa, where she has been for 2 years. This one time wonderful ship remains laid up in Genoa with an uncertain future.

Artists Rendition of the Sea Venture before she was delivered.

Sea Venture - Flagship Cruises - In Hamilton Bermuda

Pacific Princess - Princess Cruises in Tahiti.

The Pacific - Pullmantur Cruises.

Pacific - Quail Cruises

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