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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Small Ship and Niche Ship Cruising in 2012.


Travel Dynamics International will conduct Great Lakes cruises utilizing the recently purchased Yorktown. Travel Dynamics International of New York, has acquired the 138-berth 2,354-ton m.v. Yorktown Great Lakes, Hudson River and Coastal Cruises.

Completed by First Coast Shipbuilding in Coral Springs,Florida, in 1988, as the Yorktown Clipper, she is the largest active US-flag coastal cruise ship. The Yorktown is the perfect vessel for relaxed and convivial exploration of America’s great coastal waterways. With a 257-foot length and 43-foot beam, on a draft of 8 feet, she has the same dimensions as the old St Lawrence canallers, the maximum size ship that could reach the Atlantic Ocean from the Great Lakes before the opening of the St Lawrence Seaway in 1959. The Yorktown is expected to start sailing in Mau.

Below are some shots of the Yorktown including her dining salon, outside cabin, lounge and the Yorktown herself.


In 2012, we will see the return of Mississippi River cruising on a grander scale. In 2012, the laid-up American Queen will once again be revitalized and reactivated for Mississippi River Cruising. The Great American Steamboat Co. has purchased the American Queen, the largest paddle-wheeler ever built and she is currently undergoing renovation in preparation for an April introduction. Below is a sneak preview of the American Queen. Photographs show the American Queen herself, Grand Salon and main dining room. All courtesy of Great American Steamboat Company.

American Cruise Lines is introducing a brand new sternwheeler, Queen of the Mississippi, currently under construction. The new paddlewheeler will recreate the grandeur of past riverboats while possessing the latest safety, environmental and construction technologies. The Queen of the Mississippi will have the look of a traditional riverboat along with more amenities, a faster speed, and an unmatched level of comfort. Features include six unique lounges, a library, an elegant dining salon, elevator service to all decks, and the exceptionally large staterooms found on all American Cruise Lines ships. The Queen of Mississippi will carry 150 passengers and is expected to start sailing in August.

Artists renderings below show American Cruise Line's Queen of the Mississippi, The ship's lounge and main dining salon.

This is the end of my review of new ships coming on line. If you missed yesterday's post we covered Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Reflection. If you missed any of our earlier posts you can always used the "previous" button to view them.

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