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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chandris Cruises Amerikanis

One of my favorite ships was Chandris Cruises' Amerikanis. When departing New York the ship gave the appearance of speed and grace with her raked bow and funnel in the titled back position. Under modest speed the Amerikanis, put out a decent amount of black smoke also adding to the illusion of speed. The Amerikanis sat very squat and sturdy in the water, giving the ship the impression of being much larger than she actually was.

Built originally in 1952 as Union Castle Lines' Kenya Castle (Left) and was sold to Chandris Lines, in July 1967. The Amerikanis was significantly rebuilt under the direct control of Chandris shipyard workers. Much of the Cargo hold space was converted into passenger cabins increasing her capacity to 920 passengers. The Amerikanis was a small ship by today standard, but at the time was a medium sized ship at 17,041 tons, 576 ft long and 74 feet wide.

The Amerikanis sailed from New York to Bermuda in the Spring, Summer and Fall and Caribbean Cruises in the Winter. Chandris also changed their marketing name to Fantasy Cruises briefly to appeal to the mass market for shorter cruises. For a period of time, the Amerikains was chartered to Costa Cruise for Caribbean cruises. Eventually when she got older, the Amerikanis (under Chandris Cruises Banner) was repositioned to European water for Northern Europe and Mediterranean cruises where older ships were still attractive. In 1996, Chandris lays-up the Amerikanis in Piraeus Greece in search of a buyer.

With no buyers in sight, the Amerikanis arrived in Alang, India under her own power on June 4, 2001. She was beached and scrapped shortly thereafter.

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