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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Orpheus - Epirotiki Lines - Brief Bio

Epirotiki Cruises Orpheus. Used primarily for educational cruises. She spent a good chunk of her life on charter to Swan Hellenic Cruises. The ship had a strong following. Ship's decor was that of a county manor. The Orpheus was originally built as the Munster for B&I line in 1948. After being sold to Epirotiki in 1968 and undergoing a two year refit, the ship briefly operated as Epirotiki's Theseus before being re-named Orpheus. The Orpheus was primarily deployed in the Med but also conducted world wide cruises. She had 155 cabins and carried 372 passengers. She was laid up in 1998 and sold to Alang, India breakers in October 2000.

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