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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Steven's Institute of Techniology's S/S Stevens ex Exochorda of American Export Lines

Probably more famously known as the one of American Export Line's 4 Aces, the s/s Exochorda was a passenger cargo liner on the New York to Mediterranean run. The 473 foot, 14,500 ton ship, was originally constructed in 1944 as a military attack vessel, but converted for American Export Lines in 1948 into a passenger cargo liner. She remained employed by AEL until 1958, when she was returned to the Maritime Administration and was laid up at Stony Point, NY. In September 1967 it was announced that the ship has been sold to Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey for $130,301 dollars. She arrived at Stevens Institute of Technology on November 10, 1967 and was moored at their 8th Street pier. At Stevens, she served as a floating dormitory on the Hoboken waterfront, where she remained permanent fixture until 1976 when the ship was sold for scrap.

August 26th, 1975, she was towed from Hoboken, NJ to Chester PA for scrapping. She was partially scrapped down to her hull and then was resold to the Kearny Shipyard (Kearny, NJ) in March 1979 where she was totally dismantled.

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