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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tonight's Flashback - The Royal Viking Line Trio

This week - since I am reflecting on my favorite ships from the past, how can I not mention the Royal Viking Trio. These stylish, sleek ships, were the new standard for Luxury when introduced in the early seventies. The Royal Viking Sea (1973), Royal Viking Sky (1973) and Royal Viking Star (1972), escorted passengers on worldwide itineraries in luxury. All three were built by Wärtsilä Helsinki Shipyard, Finland

These compact cruise ship,s originally measured 581/583 feet long, 82.6 feet wide and weighed 21,847 tons.

By the early 1980's,these ships were so popular that Royal Viking Line had the ships extended by inserting a mid section in each ship to increase their size and passenger capacity. A 93-foot prefabricated midships section was added at the A.G. Weser shipyard in Bremerhaven increasing their length to 674 feet

Their tonnage was increased to 28,221 tons. Passenger capacity was increased from 758 to 820 passengers.

Eventually the Royal Viking fleet was purchased by Norwegian Cruise Line and eventually incorporated into the Royal Cruise Line and then NCL fleet. The ships were later sold to various other operators, but all three are still sailing today.

Two are sailing for the UK Cruise Operator Fred Olsen as the Boudicca and Black Watch.

(Royal Viking Sky, Sunward, Birka Queen, Sunward, Golden Princess, SuperStar Capricorn, Hyundai Keumgang, SuperStar Capricorn, Grand Latino, Boudicca)

(Royal Viking Star, Westward, Star Odyssey, Black Watch)

The Third ship is sailing for the German Cruise
Operator Phoenix Reisen as the Albatros.
(Royal Viking Sea, Royal Odyssey, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Star 1, Crown, Albatros)

All three operate throughout Europe and longer worldwide itineraries.

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