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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 8 - Swedish America Line's Gripsholm

Launched in April, 1956, this twin funnel beauty was another great creation of Italy's Ansaldo Shipyard. Swedish America Line's new Gripsholm incorporated dual, raked funnels, a rounded superstructure and stylish sleek lines.

Built for world wide cruises the Gripsholm normally undertook longer cruises to Northern Europe, the Med and other exotic destinations of the world. Sailing on cruises 20+ days at a time, the Gripsholm were popular with those wanting a relaxing yet elegant way to see the world. Cruises ranged up to 90 days and normally were not sold in segments.

The Gripshsolm successfully operated for Swedish America Line until August 1975.

By November 1975 the Gripsholm was sold to Greek interests - Karageorgis Cruises. The ship underwent a refit which included the removal of her king posts and modifications to her rear decks creating a more welcoming and expansive lido deck. Cruising primarily in the Mediterranean, the Gripsholm - now renamed Navarino - looked the best of her career.

In 1981, the Navarino was up for sale. Effjohn International was interested in purchasing the ship, She was renamed the Samantha but while in drydock for her new owners to inspect the ship, she heeled over and took on water. Declared a total loss, everyone thought her next trip would be to the breaker. The Samantha languished until 1983, at which time everyone was surprised, she was purchased by Regency Cruises.

The ship underwent a major refit and emerged as the Regent Sea. Sailing primarily on 7 day cruises from Jamaica to the Western Caribbean and partial transit of the Panama Canal. She was very popular and laid the ground work for future expansion for Regency Cruises.

Her engines did prove to be an issue and after a number of attempts to repair them, the Regency Sea was taken to a drydock in Brooklyn where the repairs were fully carried out. The Regent Sea did dock in Port Newark, NJ after her time in Brooklyn, for a day while repairs were completed. I remember being surprised seeing the ship from the NJ Turnpike in Port Newark.

The Regent Sea sailed until late 1995 when Regency Cruises went bankrupt.

At the same time there were some changes in the law which allow gambling cruises from New York. Many ships were purchased by prospective owners/operators to run gambling cruises out of New York. The Regent Sea was one of those ships. Major gutting of the once great Gripsholm was under-weigh in preparation for her new role.

Unfortunately the Guliano Administration changed the rules and laws around gambling cruises from New York, requiring cruises to sail overnight and have accommodations for all passengers. In addition, operators needed a $25M bond in place to operate from New York. All of the operators who purchased ships for gambling purposes were out of luck (reported to be about 10 ships).

The gutted Regent Sea languished in Tampa under the name Sea. The Sea could not find further employment and no one was willing to invest in restoring the interiors of a 44 year old ship. Also the ship had rain water entering the ship though opening left from the workers who gutted the ship.

The Sea was prepared for a tow to her new owners - the breakers in India. En-route to the breakers, off the coast of Africa, the ship encountered looters who boarded the ship and took whatever they could. It is believed that they left hatches and doors open.

Continuing on her way to breakers, the Sea encountered rough seas and began to take on water. The left open doors and hatches, combined with the prior demolition work done in Tampa made the ship more unstable. The ship was taking on water, beginning to list and eventually sank on July 12, 2001 .

The Gripsholm was a great ship and will be remember by cruise enthusiasts for years to come.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 7 - Hapag-Lloyd Europa

When Hapag-Ll0yd introduced the Europa of 1981, the ship incorporated the characteristics of a classic liner, combined with modern luxury and style. Delivered just before balcony staterooms became popular, the ship had very sleek lines, but still portrayed the traditional cruise ship profile.

During here career the ship had a number of color schemes. The Europa's classic design looks sporty and sleek with a white hull and sophisticated and elegant with her dark blue hull. Either way she is still an attractive ship.

Originally build for Hapag-Lloyd in 1981 the Europa sailed on world wide itineraries until 1999. Hapag-Lloyd has expecting delivery of their new Europa which incorporated balconies and all of the amenities that luxury clientele demanded.

The Europa of 1981 was sold to Star Cruises in 1999 and operated initially as the SuperStar Europe and later SuperStar Aries.

She was sold in 2004 to Spanish operator Pullmantur and renamed the Holiday Dream. Pullmantur was eventually acquired by Royal Caribbean and the Holiday Dream was transferred to a new Royal Caribbean French subsidiary - CDF Croisieres. The Holiday Dream was renamed the Bleu de France.

In late 2011, the Bleu de France was sold to the UK's Saga Holidays. Just this week she emerged from a refit which included adding balconies to the ship. The Europa has now been renamed Saga Sapphire. Her funnel color shown left is not the color she is now sporting. Her new funnel color is various shades of blue with a squiggly design.

The latest refit along with her stylish lines will preserve this great ship for the years to come.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 6 - Argentina and Brasil Moore McCormack

Built in 1958, these twins were very popular and I believe hold the record for the most names ever given to cruise ships throughout their career. These sleek and modern liners sailed on the New York South America run and later European and Caribbean Cruising.

The Argentina and Brasil both have a dummy mid-ship funnel and two twin uptakes aft that are the real funnels. I will touch on some of their employment and prior names but not all of them since the ships operated many varied careers.

The ships started off sailing for Moore-McCormack but later sailed for Holland America as the Veendam and Volendam; for Monarch Cruises as the Monarch Sun and Monarch Star; for Bermuda Star Line as the Bermuda Star and Canada Star; for Commodore Cruises as the Enchanted Isle and Enchanted Seas.

Some Interesting Deployments for these ships:
  • The Argentina/Enchanted Isle spent a short stint on as the Commodore Hotel, permanently docked in St Petersburg. Due to the high theft rate of anything that was not nailed down the ship was quickly returned to cruising.

  • The Brasil sailed from Tahiti as the Liberte for American Hawaii Cruises. This operation from Tahiti was short lived due to the high price to import all of the necessary supplies. The ship underwent a significant upgrade prior to his deployment including modifications to her funnel.
  • The Brasil, under the name Universe Explorer, was also employed by the Institute of Shipboard Education also known as the Semester at Sea. She operated as a floating college until early 2004. The Universe Explorer was expected to undergo a refit and return to cruising but this never happened. Upgrading of the ship was too expensive and in December 2004 she arrived in Alang India for scrapping.
  • December 27, 2000 Commodore Cruise Line filed for bankruptcy. On December 4, 2003 the Argentina arrived at Alang India for scrapping under the name New Orleans.

History of the s/s Brasil

  • Brasil - Moore-McCormack Lines: 1958-1969
  • Volendam - Holland America Line: 1972-75, 1978-84
  • Monarch Sun - Monarch Cruise Lines: 1975-1978
  • Island Sun - 1984
  • Liberté - American Hawaii: 1985-1986
  • Canada Star - Bahamas Cruise Line 1988
  • Queen of Bermuda - Bermuda Star Line- 1988-1990
  • Enchanted Seas - Commodore Cruise Line: 1990-1996
  • Universe Explorer - World Explorer Cruise Line: 1996-2004
  • Universe Explorer - Scrappers Alang India -

History s/s Argentina

  • Argentina - Moore-McCormack Lines: 1958-1969
  • Veendam - Holland America Line: 1972-74, 1975-76, 1978-84
  • Brasil - Intermares: 1974
  • Monarch Star - Monarch Cruise Lines: 1976-1978
  • Bermuda Star - Bermuda Star Line: 1984-1990
  • Enchanted Isle - Commodore Cruise Line: 1990-2003
  • New Orleans - Scrappers Arrived Alang - December 2003

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 5 - Spirit of London - P&O Cruises

Although this ship has received allot of bad press about her interiors in other ship discussion sites, I do feel the exterior design of P&O's Spirit of London, is futuristic. Although she was originally ordered for Norwegian Caribbean Line's, when her delivery price was increased, NCL opted not to take on the additional ship. She was expected to be named Seaward for NCL.

P&O stepped in, took over the order and modified her plans which included fitting the ship with a more traditional funnel than the winged funnel design found on the NCL ships.

The Spirit of London sailed for P&O Cruises and later became the Sun Princess for Princess Cruises, the StarShip Majestic for Premier Cruise Line, Southern Cross for CTC Lines, Flamenco of Festival Cruises, the New Flamenco, Flamenco 1 and now operating as the Ocean Dream.

Reportedly sold for scrap, the ship found a last minute buyer in late 2011.

The Spirit of London is currently sailing as the Ocean Dream for Runfeng Ocean Deluxe Cruises between Haikou China and Halong Bay

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 4 - Home Lines Oceanic

Home Line's Oceanic

Delivered in 1965, the Oceanic incorporated a number of innovative designs. These innovations included the positioning of the funnel located all the way aft and the Magrodome roof over the pool area enabling swimming in any type of weather.

The Oceanic was originally intended for transatlantic service but was modified for a full time cruising role before she was delivered.

Very popular on the New York cruise circuit, she frequently sailed 7 day cruises from New York to Nassau. She frequently sailed at 100% occupancy and many passengers booked back-to-back cruises.

In 1985, with the introduction of the new Homeric, the Oceanic was put up for sale and sold to Premier Cruise which operated 3 and 4 day cruises from Port Canaveral combined with Disney Resort stays. Renamed the Starship Oceanic (also known as the Big Red Boat 1), the Oceanic was very popular.

She was later sold to Pullmantur in 2000, who operated her extensively in the Med. For many years she proved very popular with her Spanish Clientele.

She was then sold to a Panamanian company who chartered the Oceanic to the Peaceboat organization. According to rumors in the cruising circuit, the Oceanic's days may be numbered, since Peaceboat is supposedly in negotiations with Pullmantur to charter their Pacific Dream.

Only time will tell the future of this great ship.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 3 - Holland America's Rotterdam V

Holland America's Rotterdam V.

Delivered in September 1958, the Rotterdam was originally intended for Transatlantic service, but quickly was quickly redeployed to cruising. The Rotterdam V had a very loyal following and was a favorite among Holland America passengers and enthusiasts. Her twin side-by-side exhaust funnels were unique for the time and somewhat unconventional. The Rotterdam V had a very unique and sweeping bow. To stand in front of the ship and see the very curved upper bow was quite a sight.

The Rotterdam V sailed 7 day Nassau cruises from New York and also undertook a yearly World Cruise.

Eventually the Rotterdam was sold to Premier Cruises and renamed Rembrandt. She initially started in the Mediterranean due to terms specified in her sale contract. Later she was later deployed to the US. When Premier went bankrupt, the Rembrandt was sold to developers who had the ship extensively refurbished and permanent docked in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The ship's name was reverted back to her original name of Rotterdam and is currently operating as a hotel and entertainment center.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 2 - Italia

Italia - Costa Cruises

Built in Italy and delivered in 1967. she was delivered to her new owners, Crociere d'Oltremare. Her original owners went bankrupt while the ship was under constructions.After only operating a few cruises the Italia was chartered to Princess Cruises as their first ship the Princess Italia. She was later sold to Costa Cruises and Ocean Cruise Line. Thought to be a goner after hitting an uncharted wreck on the Amazon River and flooding her engines and some passenger decks, the ship was declared a total loss. She was eventually sold to intermediate buyers and repaired. She found her way to Louis Cruise Line, which renamed her Sapphire. She was very popular in the Med sailing from Cyprus and Piraeus.

She did undergo a refit which added additional accommodation forward which did somewhat spoil her sleek lines.

Today she is laid up in Greece awaiting a buyer or charterer.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part I - Queen Elizabeth 2

The next few posts will be a number of ageless ships. In my opinion these are ship that, when built, were futuristic in exterior design. While some are still sailing, others have gone to breakers. Overall if observers were to see these ships today, one would think they were relatively new ships. It should be noted that the obvious lack of balconies on these ships would signify their age, but their sleek profiles are ageless.

Cunard Line's Queen Elizabeth 2
Emerging in 1969, the Queen Elizabeth 2 has sleek lines and a modern profile. During her career, the QE2, as she was affectionately known, underwent a number of refits, each extending her life and improving her good looks. Most notably is the addition of balcony suites and the ship's re-engining, which gave the ship a new wider, broader funnel and a more dominating appearance.

Currently the QE2 is laid up in Dubai. Original plans to use the ship as part of the Palms Complex in Dubai as a hotel and entertainment center has been put on hold due to the world economic problems. The ship is well maintained and in pristine condition.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Costa Cruises' Costa NeoRomantica Emerges From Refit

Overshadowed by the recent events of the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra, Costa Cruises recently reintroduced the substantially refurbished Costa Romantica. Renamed the Costa NeoRomantica, the ship underwent a $120 Million dollar refit in Genoa, Italy. The 5 month refit included the construction of new areas and the introduction of services that represent
a major evolution in the Costa product.

Above the ship's bridge, two decks were added forward making way for 111 new cabins. In addition, work included the refitting of 120 cabins and suites with balconies.

The modifications to the Costa NeoRomantica increased her occupancy levels from 1,697 to 1,800 and the number of cabins from 678 to 789. The new gross tonnage will be around 56,000, up from 53,000gt.

New areas on the Costa NeoRomantica Included a wine and cheese bar, a coffee & chocolate bar, a new pizzeria, a cabaret lounge and a nightclub. The Spa facilities on the ship were extensively expanded.

The Costa NeoRomantica spent February and March sailing from Savona on 11-day cruises to Spain, Morocco, the Canary Islands and Madeira. In the Summer she will sail in North European waters.

September 2012, the Costa NeoRomantica embarks on a 107-night voyage from Italy to Australia and New Zealand.

Before and After pictures above (Courtesy of Costa Cruises).

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Royal Caribbean Shifts the Monarch of the Seas to Pullmantur in 2013

Today Royal Caribbean announced the transfer of the Monarch of the Seas to its Spanish subsidiary Pullmantur. The Monarch will sailing throughout the Med starting in April 2013. The Monarch of the Seas will join her sister the Sovereign of the Seas which has been renamed Sovereign. The Soverign has been sailing for Pullmantur for the past few seasons. Pullmantur caters to primarily Spanish clientele.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ocean Dream ex Spirit of London Starts New Service Between Haikou and Vietnam

On January 9th Haikou Xiuying Cruise Terminal welcomed nearly 500 visitors arriving on the cruise ship “Ocean Dream” in Haikou. The Ocean Dream's bow had a beautiful dragon painted on her bow which glistened in the afternoon sum.

The Ocean Dream is expected to operate between Haikou and Vietnam operating an every other day service. The distance between the ports is about 210 nautical miles and requires about 15 hours to sail between the two ports.

The highlight of the cruise is that cruise passengers will be brought to Halong Bay, one of the best-known scenic spot in Vietnam.

The cruise line is expecting to be successful because local tourists are not required to have a passport. A border pass certificate is acceptable for access to Vietnam.

The “Ocean Dream” is operated by Runfeng Ocean (Hong Kong) Deluxe Cruises Limited.

The Ocean Dream has all of the amenities required to cater to 900 passengers in 420 staterooms rooms. She weighs 17,042 tons, measures 573 feet long and 73 feet wide.

The Ocean Dream was built in 1971 as the Spirit of London for P&O Cruises, She later operated as the Starship Majestic for Premier Cruises; the Southern Cross for Australia's CTC Cruises; the Flamenco for Festival Cruises; The New Flamenco for Ravena Shipping and now the Ocean Dream. The ship laid up off Singapore and reportedly sold for scrap. After the scrapping deal fell through, her current owners emerged.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

American Cruise Lines' Queen of the Mississippi Stern Wheel Installed

American Cruise Line's new Mississippi riverboat, the Queen of the Mississippi is nearing completion. The ship, which is being built at the owner's shipyard - the Chesapeake Shipbuilding Corp. in Salisbury, Md. The Queen of the Mississippi just recently had her stern-wheel installed. The ship is expected to start cruising in August from New Orleans.

To view a video of the installation of the paddlewheel click below

Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Cruise Schedule From New York and New Jersey Available.

Our sister site has just updated the 2012 cruise Schedule from New York. If you are interested you can browse the entire schedule here -> In the left menu bar is the 2012 Cruise Schedule Link.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

MSC Cruise New Ship Shrouded in Mystery?

The STX Europe shipyard in France has just floated out their latest cruise ship. The ship was originally built for the Libyan Government as their initial entry into the cruise market.

After the recent political turmoil in the country, the milestone payments for the ship have been missed and the ship has been reportedly for sale. It has been reported that MSC Cruises has already purchased the ship - since when it emerged from the drydock, the ship had tyhe MSC Logo on its funnel and the name MSC Preziosa stenciled on the bow.

An official announcement from MSC Cruises is expected shortly.

UPDATE: The post above was written late last week. Earlier this week, MSC did announce they were taking possesion of the MSC Preziosa. The worst kept secret is now confirmed.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carnival Considers Reducing Capacity But Reconsiders

In Carnival Corp's earning call on Friday, Carnival said they did consider whether to lay-up some of their ships to help some of their European brands operate at higher capacity levels and preserve per diems.

The idea was considered due to a number of factors:
  • High fuel prices.
  • People choosing other vacation options due the Costa Concordia incident.
  • Weakened sales in Italy and Germany.
  • European economic situation.
  • Passengers shopping for bargains when the price of everything is increasing.

In the end, the temporary lay-up of ships was decided too disruptive and Carnival Corp is not longer considering this as an option.

Carnival did decide not to return the Costa Allegra to service. The Costa Concordia has been deemed beyond economic repair for Costa. The Costa Marina was sold to South Korean cruise interests so that capacity too will be removed from the market.

This does not rule out the sale of additional, older ships but in this economic downturn, buyers are scarce. Carnival did say they were only going to entertain modest or limited newbuilding growth over the upcoming years.

The Carnival Cruise Line brand was reported to still be performing well and operating close to the levels of last year.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Russian Expedition Ship Lyubov Orlova To Scrappers

The Russian expedition ship Lyubov Orlova was arrested on September 25, 2010 in St. John Newfoundland Canada. A Russian company, Locso Shipping, owned the 295 foot long Orlova. The arrest of the ship has left its Russian and Ukranian crew stranded in Canada. At the time of the ship's arrest, the Russian-based company owed Cruise North Expeditions $250,000. The Russian company also owed 51 crew members on the vessel more than $300,000 in wages.

The ship was sold at auction on February 18, 2012 for a low sales price of $275,000. Although at the time of her sale, there was limited information available of future use, other than being sold to Caribbean buyers.

It now appears that the 1975 - Yugolsoalvia built expedition ship has been sold for scrap. Laid up in St. John, the Lyubov Orlova has accrued $200,000 in berthing fees and is said to be badly listing. It now appears that she may be embarking on her final voyage. Reports indicate that the ship has been sold for scrap - but the named destination of the Dominican Republic - is not a location where ships are normally scrapped or an intermediary for Indian or Turkish breakers. Her current owner is believed to be an Iranian National living in Toronto Canada.

In her heyday the Lyubov Orlova was chartered by numerous cruise operations in the Arctic and Antarctic including Quark Expeditions. She was refurbished in 1999 and underwent extensive renovations in 2006. She carries a maximum of 110 passengers in 59 outside cabins and 2 suites, all with either a porthole or window and private bathroom facilities.

The Lyubov Orlova has an ice-strengthened hull, a window-lined dining room, lounge and bar, forward lounge for lectures and presentations, library, small gym, clinic and a small shop.

The ship boasted an international expedition staff, assisted by an experienced Russian captain and crew and European chefs.

I am saddened to see this ship come to an end. The design is probably one of the best externally designed small ships of their time. The Lyubov Orlova is named after a famous Russian actress of the 1930s.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pullmantur's Ocean Dream Chartered to Peaceboat?

Reports are circulating that Spanish operator Pullmantur will not operate the Ocean Dream and that the ship has been chartered the the Japanese organization Peaceboat. The Ocean Dream started her career in 1981 as the first newbuild for Carnival Cruise Line - the Tropicale. She later operated as the Costa Tropicale and then operated for P&O Cruises Australia as the Pacific Star and then Pullmantur. The Ocean Dream can carry upto 1,422 passengers and weighs 35,000 tons and is 673 feet long.

Unfortunately this probably means that the Oceanic may face an uncertain future at the age of 47 years old. The ship has had a very colorful career starting as Home Line's Oceanic; Premier Cruise Line's Starship Oceanic; Pullmantur's Oceanic and the Oceanic for Peaceboat. Hopefully she will find future employment, but with the high price of fuel and her older engines this seems unlikely.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Costa Cruises Costa Allegra Future In Doubt

During today's earnings call Carnival Corp stated that the Costa Allegra will not be returning to service under the Costa banner. The ship which has been up for sale for years, suffered fire damage on February 27, 2012 and needed to be towed to port after spending 4 days without power. Carnival Corp has determined that the price to repair the ship does not make good economic sense. Carnival Corp has said to lower the price of the ship making it appealing to other operators interested in repairing the ship or potentially scrappers.

The Costa Allegra was built in 1992 on the hull of a Johnson Line container-ship and has been a favorite among passengers in the Mediterranean. When introduces the ships were futuristic and modern. Her eternal design is very pleasing and I do hope she finds further employment.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 and Endeavour Salute Each Other Off Australia

On March 4th, Cunard Line’s flagship Queen Mary 2 was saluted by another historic vessel also currently circumnavigating Australia – the Endeavour – as the two vessels crossed paths off the coast of Victoria.

The encounter with the small ship, a replica of Captain James Cook’s HM Bark Endeavour, occurred between Cape Duquesne and Cape Nelson, just outside Portland, Victoria, as Queen Mary 2 sailed from Adelaide to Melbourne where she is making her maiden visit today. Carrying approximately 4,000 guests and crew, and rising 62 metres above the water, the 151,400-ton Queen Mary 2 dwarfed the 397-ton Endeavour, which is carrying 54 people and stretches 39 metres to the top of its mast.

While Queen Mary 2 will take 20 nights to circumnavigate Australia (Fremantle to Fremantle), the Endeavour is taking 13 months on its journey around the country.

“Queen Mary 2’s maiden voyage around Australia has been a fantastic experience for all on board and we have very much enjoyed being part of history," said Commodore Christopher Rynd, master of Cunard’s flagship ocean liner. “To sail by the Endeavour – a replica of Captain Cook’s ship – and to see her size really brought home how brave and adventurous explorers were just two centuries ago.”

Both circumnavigation voyages by Queen Mary 2 and the Endeavor take place more than 200 years after the first circumnavigation of Australia undertaken by Captain Matthew Flinders in 1801-03.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

New China Cruise Company Sets Out on Maiden Voyage,

Reports out of China confirm that China Cruise Company's first ship - China Star (ex Radisson Diamond) departed on her maiden voyage from Hong Kong's Victoria harbor yesterday (3/8).

Being touted as "the world's only six-star, two-hull cruise ship" the ship's new owners - said to be entrepreneurs in the east China City of Wenzhou invested over $79 Million dollars to refurbish and purchase the ship. Part of the renovations included adding balcony cabins to the ship as well as many internal and technical upgrades. The China Star can carry upto 400 people on 172 staterooms and was built in 1992. She is the only twin hull cruise ship currently sailing.

If successful China Cruise Company expects to add additional ships sailing to China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Photo shows ship as originally constructed as the Radisson Diamond.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Export Lines - Vintage Cruise Ship Hull Art - Part - 4

In order to make the transition from Trans Atlantic Liner to Cruise ship, American Export Lines chartered the s/s Constitution to Fugazy Travel. The name of the ship was not changed, but the ship received the external paint job. She now displayed an oversized sun with a set of female eyes. The eyes were said to be Jean Harlow's.

This venture was short lived. She was laid up and eventually sold to C.Y. Tung for around the world service of Oriental Overseas Lines. She was eventually put into Hawaiian inter-island service as the Constitution for American Hawaii Cruises.

In March, 1995 the Constitution was sold to scrappers and sank in the pacific 700 miles north of Hawaii in November 1997.

Since I do not have a photo of the ship in this livery, I need to send you to another site (I do not want to violate copyright laws (so please be sure to come back and visit us)). External Website with photo of the Constitution with Jean Harlow eyes.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Norwegian Cruise Line Hull Art - Part 5.

Perhaps the cruise line most know for its hull art is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). Below is a smapling of their ships which have various hull art. THeir newest ship - the Norwegian Breakaway's Hull art will be created by famous artist, Peter Max (More details on the Norwegian Breakaway Hull Art).

Below are some examples of current Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and NCL America Hull Art.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Jade (previously operated as the Pride of Hawaii for NCL America).

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Pearl.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Jewel

NCL America Ships - Pride of Aloha - Now the Norwegian Sky.

NCL America's Pride of America.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Island Cruises - Sample Cruise Ship Hull Art - Part 4

Island Cruises - which sailed out of Barcelona to the Med, was marketed primarily to the English. Island Cruises was a joint operation between Royal Caribbean and a European Tour operator. The Island Cruises operated two ships at its peak.

The first ship - The Island Escape - Originally built as the Scandinavia for SeaEscape Cruises. She was intended for the New York to the Bahamas route. After the route proved unsuccessful, she was moved to Europe to operate as a ferry and then sold to Sundance Cruises as the StarDancer. She was eventually sold to Royal Caribbean and operated as the Viking Serenade until deployed to a Island Cruises.

The Island Star which was previously operated by Celebrity Cruises as their Horizon. Today she is operating as the Horizon for CDF Croisières de France - (another Royal Caribbean / Pullmantur subsidiary) catering to French speaking passengers.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

OceanVillage Cruises - Sample Cruise Ship Hull Art - Part 3

The UK Cruise Line Ocean Village was aimed at the young and active cruisers, offering many activities for the physically active. The Ocean Village ships were quite bold with their hull design. Pictured left is the Ocean Village. She was originally constructed as the Sitmar FairMajesty for Sitmar lines but Sitmar was taken over by Princess Cruises before she was delivered by her builders. She was delivered under the name Star Princess and is currently operating for P&O Australia as the Pacific Pearl.

Pictured Left is the Ocean Village Two - Also an ex Princess ship she was delivered as the Crown Princess. Later she became the Arosa Blu, AidaBlu, Today she is still operating for P&O Australia as the Pacific Jewel.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

AROSA Cruises - Sample Cruise Ship Hull Art - Part 2

An earlier cruise line and the predecessor to AIDA and their dramatic hull art is AROSA Cruises. Although no longer in operations, this higher end cruise line's ships were adorned with a rose. Pictured here is the ArosaBlu which is still in operation for Carnival Australia.

She was originally built as the Crown Princess for Princess Cruises.

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AIDA Cruises - Sample Cruise Ship Hull Art - Part 1

Germany Cruise Operator Aida Cruises (Part of the Carnival Family of Cruise Companies), caters primarily to German and European Cruisers. Below is a picture of the Hull art found on Aida ships.



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