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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 4 - Home Lines Oceanic

Home Line's Oceanic

Delivered in 1965, the Oceanic incorporated a number of innovative designs. These innovations included the positioning of the funnel located all the way aft and the Magrodome roof over the pool area enabling swimming in any type of weather.

The Oceanic was originally intended for transatlantic service but was modified for a full time cruising role before she was delivered.

Very popular on the New York cruise circuit, she frequently sailed 7 day cruises from New York to Nassau. She frequently sailed at 100% occupancy and many passengers booked back-to-back cruises.

In 1985, with the introduction of the new Homeric, the Oceanic was put up for sale and sold to Premier Cruise which operated 3 and 4 day cruises from Port Canaveral combined with Disney Resort stays. Renamed the Starship Oceanic (also known as the Big Red Boat 1), the Oceanic was very popular.

She was later sold to Pullmantur in 2000, who operated her extensively in the Med. For many years she proved very popular with her Spanish Clientele.

She was then sold to a Panamanian company who chartered the Oceanic to the Peaceboat organization. According to rumors in the cruising circuit, the Oceanic's days may be numbered, since Peaceboat is supposedly in negotiations with Pullmantur to charter their Pacific Dream.

Only time will tell the future of this great ship.

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