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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part 5 - Spirit of London - P&O Cruises

Although this ship has received allot of bad press about her interiors in other ship discussion sites, I do feel the exterior design of P&O's Spirit of London, is futuristic. Although she was originally ordered for Norwegian Caribbean Line's, when her delivery price was increased, NCL opted not to take on the additional ship. She was expected to be named Seaward for NCL.

P&O stepped in, took over the order and modified her plans which included fitting the ship with a more traditional funnel than the winged funnel design found on the NCL ships.

The Spirit of London sailed for P&O Cruises and later became the Sun Princess for Princess Cruises, the StarShip Majestic for Premier Cruise Line, Southern Cross for CTC Lines, Flamenco of Festival Cruises, the New Flamenco, Flamenco 1 and now operating as the Ocean Dream.

Reportedly sold for scrap, the ship found a last minute buyer in late 2011.

The Spirit of London is currently sailing as the Ocean Dream for Runfeng Ocean Deluxe Cruises between Haikou China and Halong Bay

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  1. Regret to advise she sank today 27 Feb 2016 off Laem Chebang Port in Thailand after having been abandoned by her last owners.

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