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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ageless Ships - Part I - Queen Elizabeth 2

The next few posts will be a number of ageless ships. In my opinion these are ship that, when built, were futuristic in exterior design. While some are still sailing, others have gone to breakers. Overall if observers were to see these ships today, one would think they were relatively new ships. It should be noted that the obvious lack of balconies on these ships would signify their age, but their sleek profiles are ageless.

Cunard Line's Queen Elizabeth 2
Emerging in 1969, the Queen Elizabeth 2 has sleek lines and a modern profile. During her career, the QE2, as she was affectionately known, underwent a number of refits, each extending her life and improving her good looks. Most notably is the addition of balcony suites and the ship's re-engining, which gave the ship a new wider, broader funnel and a more dominating appearance.

Currently the QE2 is laid up in Dubai. Original plans to use the ship as part of the Palms Complex in Dubai as a hotel and entertainment center has been put on hold due to the world economic problems. The ship is well maintained and in pristine condition.

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