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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Export Lines - Vintage Cruise Ship Hull Art - Part - 4

In order to make the transition from Trans Atlantic Liner to Cruise ship, American Export Lines chartered the s/s Constitution to Fugazy Travel. The name of the ship was not changed, but the ship received the external paint job. She now displayed an oversized sun with a set of female eyes. The eyes were said to be Jean Harlow's.

This venture was short lived. She was laid up and eventually sold to C.Y. Tung for around the world service of Oriental Overseas Lines. She was eventually put into Hawaiian inter-island service as the Constitution for American Hawaii Cruises.

In March, 1995 the Constitution was sold to scrappers and sank in the pacific 700 miles north of Hawaii in November 1997.

Since I do not have a photo of the ship in this livery, I need to send you to another site (I do not want to violate copyright laws (so please be sure to come back and visit us)). External Website with photo of the Constitution with Jean Harlow eyes.

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