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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cruise Pioneer Bolero to Scrappers.

Sad news last week when we learned of the scrapping of Fred Olsen's Bolero of 1973. The ship arrived at Aliaga Turkey on March 20th.

Most famously known as the Bolero for Commodore Cruises, she was one of the initial ships to sail from Miami on 7-day cruises. In the summer months, she operated as an overnight car ferry on the Bay of Fundy run between the US and Canada . During her career, she sailed for distinguished lines like Lion Ferry, Fred Olsen, Commodore, cruises from Florida to the Yucatan, Mirage I Gambling Cruises out of Cape Canaveral and Israeli Interests.

The Bolero operated as the Bolero, Scandinavica, Bolero, Jupiter, Cruciero Express, Seminole Express, Mirage I and Club Mirage.

It is a shame that this pocket 14,250 ton cruise pioneer/ferry met her end after 39 years of service.

The Bolero was constructed by Chantier Dubigeon Normandie Nantes Saint Nazaire, France.

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