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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fred Olsen Balmoral Arrives in New York After Completing Titanic Memorial Cruise

Fred Olsen's Balmoral arrived in New York this morning after completing her Transatlantic Titanic Memorial Cruise. The ship was chartered to Miles Morgan Travel for two sailings. She originally left Southampton on August 8th stopping at Cobb, Ireland, the Titanic sinking site, Halifax and then on to New York.

She arrived at the Titanic sinking site on August 14 at around 7:00 PM and stayed in position until about 4:00 AM on August 15th. During the stay Memorial Services and tributes to those who perished were conducted.

This morning was a very gray morning in New York and the Balmoral sailed up the Hudson right on time, docking at the Manhattn Cruise Terminal precisely at 8:00 AM. The Balmoral blasted her horn 3 times as she passed the location of the pier the Titanic would have docked at, should she have completed her maiden voyage.

At the Manhattan Cruise Terminal the Balmoral joined the already docked Azamara Journey which overnighted at the passenger ship terminal. She too was chartered by Mile Morgan Travel for a similar cruise to the Titanic sinking site which departed from New York. The Azamara Journey will depart today.

The Balmoral will stay in New York overnight and depart on another charter cruise from Miles Morgan Travel. This cruise is not a Titanic Memorial Cruise and a repositioning cruise to place the ship back in Europe for Fred Olsen's Spring cruises.

On her 9-day return voyage, the Balmoral will stop at Martha's Vineyard and St. Pierre & Miquelon Canada before sailing on to Southampton.

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  1. You might want to correct the month... it's APRIL not August...!

  2. you surely mean April not August