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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Approach to Venice May Be Changing

Crystal Cruises Ships In Venice's Main Canal
Crystal Cruises Ships In Venice's Main Canal
Based on the Costa Concordia incident, many port are now taking added precautions. One such port is Venice which is now actively working toward dredging an alternative channel which will no longer take ships through the center of the port. 

The picturesque entry into Venice - sailing by Saint Mark's will be a thing of the past. The Port Authority of Venice is now discussing routing the cruise ships into Venice from the South -away from the city, instead of from the East which takes the ships through the center of the city. The new route, which would require dredging, would take the ships from the Lagoon of Venice directly to the Marittima Passenger Terminal by-passing the main city channel. The dredging is expected to take 18 months once approved. 

Options are being evaluated at the prompting of environmentalists and preservation groups, who are concerned about the size of today's ships, the continuing need to dredge the channel through the middle of the city, the wake of the ships and overall safety.

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  1. I saw the warning signs already when I was in Venice in January: