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Monday, May 7, 2012

Could the Titanic II be on the Horizon

The Original White Star Liner Titanic
The Original White Star Liner Titanic
With all of the commotion around the Titanic's 100th Anniversary. Last week Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer announced plans to build a fleet of luxury liners, including a 21st century version of Titanic. Palmer stated that a Memorandum of Understanding is currently in place with the CSC Jinling Shipyard, to build Titanic II. 'Titanic II will be as similar as possible to its predecessor in design and specifications, but with modern technology.

The CSC Jinling Shipyard is a state owned shipyard with a history of building ship - but this would be their first venture into the cruise industry.

The new Titanic II is expected to operate under a newly formed company called Blue Star Line Pty. The maiden voyage is anticipated in late 2016 and will be a transatlantic voyage from Southampton to New York.

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