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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Venus to Operate Out of Israel in 2012

Rio Cruises - Rio Now Venus
Rio - Courtesy of Rio Cruises
Reports out of Israel indicate that the Rio is returning to Israel under the name Venus and will operate a series of cruises for Venus Cruise Line starting around May 14th, 2012.

Interesting enough the Rio was sold last year after Rio Cruises ran into financial troubles. Rio Cruises was linked to Israel's Caspi Cruises. The ship was sold for about $5.5 million dollars. Supposedly the new owners are once again linked to Caspi Cruises.

The Venus is said to be undergoing technical and interior upgrades in Piraeus.

The Venus was originally constructed as Norwegian Caribbean's Soutward. She then operated as the Seawing for AirTours, the Perla, Aegean Pearl and the Aegean Pearl under Louis Cruise Line ownership and then the Rio for Rio / Caspi Cruises.

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