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Monday, March 31, 2014

United States Lines - S/S United States Revisited

SS United States - Postcard showing the ship in happier days.
This past weekend I found myself traveling through Philadelphia. Since I was in the vicinity, I had to stop and see the S/S United States.

As you come across the Walt Whitman Bridge from New Jersey entering into Philly, the great funnels of the liner quickly come into view.

The ship is truly amazing. This is the 3rd time I have seen the United States. Once going to Norfolk, just before she left for Turkey to have the asbestos removed (eventually having the asbestos removed in Sevestopol, Ukraine), and then twice in Philadelphia.

Although you cannot get on-board or close to the ship, you need to shoot photos over the fence or from the water to get good shots. Decent views are available from the shopping center across the street as well.

Having been laid up since 1969, the exterior of the ship is well in need of a long overdue sandblasting, painting and loving care but it is incredibly impressive and nothing like any of the cruise ships today. The majority of the interior has been stripped to the bulkheads. The bare interior provides flexibility for investors with deep pockets, to design the interior of their choice, . The sleek lines and greater than life dimensions of the ship give her the impression of being larger than she really is. Structurally she still looks sound and strong.

The ship is currently owned by the SS United States Conservancy who is seeking to find a developer and hopefully a permanent home for the ship

I am going to dedicate this week's daily blog to the S/S United States and her preservation. Over the next week days, Nick's Cruise Corner will be feature videos from various sources on the SS United States. Be sure to stop by daily.

If you are interested in learning how you can help preserve this great piece of American History, please visit the SS United States Conservancy site.

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