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Monday, June 27, 2016

Abandoned Ocean Dream Sinks Off Thailand.

I missed this news story,  on February 27, 2016, the abandoned Ocean Dream sank off the coast of the Port of Laem Chabang in Thailand.

The ship was reportedly abandoned by her Chinese owners for over a year. The ship was left in a  delinquent state unmanned, and allowed to deteriorate under the hot southeast Asian sun. When the crew left the ship, a side portal was left open which helped to accelerate the sinking of the ship over a years time.
Ocean Dream ex Spirit of London, Starship Majestic Sunk off the coast of thailand
Ocean Dream ex Spirit of London, Starship Majestic Sunk off the coast of Thailand

When laid down at the Cantiere Navale di Riva Trigoso Shipyard in 1970, Ocean Dream was originally slated to become the Seaward for Norwegian Caribbean Lines. When the price to construct the ship increased, Norwegian Caribbean opted to not take the option for the ship. The option was picked up by P&O Cruises and the ship was delivered as the Spirit of London. In 1974, the Spirit of London was sold to Premier Cruises and became the Majestic and later the Starship Majestic. In July 1995, the Starship Majestic was sold to CTC Australia and sailed as the Southern Cross. Additional name included the  Flamenco for Festival Cruises. The New Flamenco for Cruise Elysia. The Flamenco 1 for Club Cruise and later the Ocean Dream for various Asian interests.
Sun Princess Princess Cruises  ex Spirit of London, Starship Majestic, Southern Cross, Flamenco, New
Ocean Dream in Happier Days as the Sun Princess for Princess Cruises
In total, before her demise the ship enjoyed a career of 46 years. Today the Ocean Dream, remains on her side in the port of Laem Chabang in Thailand waiting scrappers to either dismantle the ship, or allow her to slowly deteriorate.

Local environmentalist are concerned because the vessel is leaking oil and polluting the local environment.

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