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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ever Wonder What Happened to Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Century?

SkySea Cruise's SkySea Golden Era  ex Celebrity Century  Sails Luxury Cruises For Chinese Clientele
SkySea Cruise's SkySea Golden Era  ex Celebrity Century  Sails Luxury Cruises For Chinese Clientele
The Celebrity Century has been sold to a new cruise operator established in December 2013, SkySea Holding International Ltd. is the first Chinese luxury cruise company. SkySea was co-founded by Ctrip and well-known venture capital firm Stone Capital Co. Ltd.

Acquired from Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ("RCCL"), the previously named "Celebrity Century" has become the first ship to join the SkySea fleet. The vessel has been re-named "SkySea Golden Era" and is the starting point for SkySea's Chinese luxury cruise ship operations. The SkySea Golden Era will delight its passengers with a unique and exciting travel experience. Cruising with SkySea, guests will connect not only with other passengers, but also the world outside of the vessel.

The name "SkySea Golden Era" was chosen to reflect SkySea's ambition of leading the Chinese cruise industry into a new and exciting phase of growth. The name also symbolizes SkySea's position of connecting the present and past with the bright future of the Chinese cruise industry.

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