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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In the Video Mood - Part 6 - Visit to the Decaying S/S United States

I found this video on a recent visit to the S/S United States. The United States was once the pride of the American Passenger fleet. She was laid up in 1969 and had not sailed since.  The United States has had various owners over the years - all with hopes of restoring her to her glory.

Now the United States is owned by the United States Conservancy - which is actively trying to find a funder / buyer / partner for the decaying liner to help restore her to her former glory.

Within the last year high end cruise operator, Crystal Cruises, had expressed an interest in the great liner and  restoring her for luxury cruises. Crystal expected to invest over $800 Million dollars to restore / modernize the vessel and bring her up to today's standards.  After an extensive evaluation, it was deemed that the S/S United States needed entirely too much work and there were some design limitations which made her unsuitable for their needs. Crystal Cruises has since abandoned the project but has offered to fund her layup costs for the next year.

The ship remains tied up in Philadelphia awaiting a further fate. Unfortunately, based on this video, the ship is is in severe disrepair and hopes of finding an investor with deep pockets to convert the ship into a usable state seem slim.

The conservancy is currently paying $60K per month to maintain the liner at its current berth. It is being considered having the vessel towed to New York and berthed at a Brooklyn pier, free of charge, until next steps are determined. The owner of the pier is hoping the United States could be eventually restored a stationary hotel, entertainment and restaurant venue combined with other attractions developed on the Brooklyn waterfront.

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