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Friday, October 28, 2016

Soviet Passenger Ferry Reaches the Beaches of Alang India.

New Imperial Star Laid up in Hong Kong Harbor After a Failed Stint as a Floating Casino
New Imperial Star Laid Up in Hong Kong Harbor After a Failed Stint as a Floating Casino

Just recently the New Imperial Star which was last employed as a Chinese gambling ship was beached at Alang, India for scrapping on 10/15/2016. The ship, which has a very industrial design, was originally build for the Soviets (BLASCO Shipping) as a passenger/ferry and has had multiple roles and names over the years. At times, she sailed as a cruise ship, carrying German passengers to ports though northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Other times being employed for internal Soviet use. Eventually the ship, found employment in Southeast Asia as a gambling ship.The ship did not prove to be a popular gaming venue and was eventually abandoned by her owners in a derelict state off shore in Hong Kong Harbor  In January, a crew of 46 remained on board the ship in hopes of getting back wages. The crew mostly made up of Ukrainians and a hand full of Burmese and Chinese lived under poor conditions - no air-conditioning, food or medical attention. The vessel was auctioned off in Hong Kong on July 12, 2016. It appears that the ship has been sold for scrap to cover expenses. Photos show the ship in a state of disrepair.

She was beached under the name of  "New". She was originally built as the Dmitriy Shostakovich, but later carried the names:Paloma I, Paloma, Paloma I, Royale Star, New Imperial Star and finally New.

Built in 1980 in Szczecin, Poland as a ro/ro ferry, weighing 9,878 tons;  437 feet in length; with 6 passenger decks (9 in total) and a capacity of 420 passengers, the Dmitriy Shostakovich is small by today's standards.

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