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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Princess Cruises Fined $40 Million Dollars For Illegally Releasing Oil into the Sea

Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess at Sea
Princess Cruises' Caribbean Princess at Sea

Princess Cruises has pleaded guilty and will pay $40 Million dollars in fines for illegally bypassing purification  and detection devices and releasing oily water directly into the ocean. The practice has reportedly gone on for years (prior to 2013)  by select engineers on the Caribbean Princess. Their illegal actions have been intentionally covered up crew members. The oil was illegally dumped due to the high prices associated with responsible processing and proper disposal of the oil on shore.

According to papers filed in court, the Caribbean Princess had been making illegal discharges through bypass equipment since 2005, one year after the ship began operations. The discharge on Aug. 26, 2013, involved approximately 4,227 gallons, 23 miles off the coast of England within the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. At the same time as the discharge, engineers simultaneously ran clean seawater through the ship’s overboard equipment in order to create a false digital record for a legitimate discharge. "The Caribbean Princess used multiple methods over the course of time to pollute the seas.

Princess Cruises' President Jan Swartz issued the following statement.... Taking ownership for the issue and assuring the necessary preventative measures have been taken to significantly reduce the chances of the issue happening again.

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