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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

45 Year Anniversary of the Seawise University Fire.

Earlier this month marked the 45 year anniversary of the tragic loss of the Seawise University in Hong Kong Harbor.

After Cunard removed their 1939 Queen Elizabeth from service, the ship was placed for sale and purchased by C.Y. Tung for intended use as the Seawise University. As the names indicates, the ship was to undergo an extensive refit to covert her into a floating university. Public rooms were transformed for dual purposes to classrooms and lounges. Accommodations were modified to create dorm room type furnishings and sleeping arrangements. The exterior of the ship was painted white and the C.Y. Tung Rose was placed on the funnels. C.Y Tung's corporate name was also painted in red emblazoned letters on her side "Orient Overseas Line". The ship was in the final stages of her fitting out in Hong Kong harbor when a fire mysteriously started on the Seawise University on January 9, 1972. The fire quick engulfed the entire ship and the badly damaged liner rolled over on her side. Declared a total loss, the ship was scrapped on site over the next 2-3 years.

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