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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

England's All Leisure Group Ceases Operations

All Leisure Group's Smart and Elegant Minerva

Earlier this month, we witnessed the collapse of England's All Leisure Group. All Leisure is the parent company of  Swan Hellenic Cruises, Hebridean Island Cruises and Voyages of Discovery. The operator cited the unrest in the Eastern Mediterranean which has been, traditionally, their bread and butter, for their financial woes. Rumors stated that in late December, All Leisure was seeking a buyer for part or all of their operation, but to no avail. All cruises for the Voyager and Minerva have been cancelled effective immediately. Preparation were made to return stranded passengers back to their point of origination.  .

This week it was announced that the Herbidean Princess was purchased by her creditors and will resume sailing under the Herbidean Island Cruises banner again starting in March. At 50 passengers and 38 crew, the ultra-luxury ship has been chartered by the Queen of England (in the past) when a royal yacht has been needed.

The other 2 ships, the Minerva and Voyager are assumed to be for sale to satisfy creditors.

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