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Friday, February 17, 2017

Olympia Greek Line Video

 Video:  TSS Olympia of Greek Line, Later the Caribe1, Regal Empress, Regal Prince,..)

I found this video of the TSS Olympia of Greek Line fame which is one of my favorite ships. The Olympia lived a very long and interesting life. Having been laid up in Greece after her Greek Line career, the ship was purchased by Commodore Cruises. She was rejuvenated and emerged with a very unique funnel (which was more like uptake pipes surrounded by a flowing rainbow.

Caribe 1 ex TSS Olympia After Commodore Cruises Refit.
Caribe 1 (ex TSS Olympia) After Commodore Cruises Refit.
Either way, this refit allowed the ship to live an extended life and sail under numerous names.

This video is from her early days of her Greek Line career and shows the chaos, bustle and confusion associated with embarking and disembarking passengers, cargo and luggage. It is a great flashback to yesteryear.

I hope you enjoy it.

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