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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PONANT To Offer Blue Eye Underwater Lounge on New Ships.

PONANT offers you a world first on board its new ships, the PONANT EXPLORERS, designed for expedition cruises.

Beginning from 2018, Le Lapérouse will be the world’s first cruise ship with a multi-sensory underwater area, called the Blue Eye.
PONANT, in keeping with its pioneering spirit, is launching a world-first:
Le Lapérouse will be the first cruise ship on Earth to be equipped with a multi-sensory underwater space, called Blue Eye.

Le Champlain, Le Bougainville and Le Dumont-d’Urville will be the next ship in the series.

The design of this technical prowess was entrusted to architect Jacques Rougerie, who is deeply passionate about the sea. Rougerie’s mission is to enable PONANT guests to perceive and feel the underwater universe that has never ceased to amaze and inspire him during his career through three innovative concepts.

Bionic & biomimetic

The space’s graphical references evoke cetaceans and jellyfish. This inspiration is evident in the lines of the lounge, the positioning of the body, the furniture and the fittings. All focus is drawn towards the two portholes, shaped like the eye of a cetacean and looking out upon the subaquatic world. The lighting in the lounge is developed through touches, disseminated in the space, allowing the spirit and the gaze to dive into the spectacle unfolding outside.
The mural décor disappears to make way for the integrated digital screens projecting the images filmed live by three underwater cameras. Placed at the ship’s strategic points, these cameras enable guests to witness, for example, the spectacle of dolphins playing in the bow waves.

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