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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Louis Cruise Line Announces the Sale of the Majesty.

Louis / Celestyal Cruises Majesty Sold to Unknown Buyers.
Louis / Celestyal Cruises Majesty Sold to Unknown Buyers.

Louis Cruise Line has announced that the Louis Majesty has been sold to Israel's Mano Cruises. Reports indicate that the ship will initially be chartered - potentially to Far East interests and eventually join the Mano fleet in 2019/2020. At this time the ship has been renamed the Princess Iris (sure to get the attention of Princess Cruises) and is heading to Chalkis Greece shipyard.

The ship most recently sailed on charter to TUI Thomson / Marella Cruises as the Thomson Majesty. The 40,876 ton ship carries a max of 1,970 passengers and 620 crew. The charter of the Majesty to TUI ended in November, 2017 and has since been operating for Louis / Celestyal Cruise Line.

The Princess Iris was originally built for Majesty Cruises as the Royal Majesty sailing from Florida to the Caribbean, and from New York and Boston to Bermuda.

Below is a history of her names and owners..
  • Royal Majesty (1992–1997) - Majesty Cruise Line.
  • Norwegian Majesty (1997–2009) - Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Louis Majesty (2009–2012) - Louis Cruise Line
  • Thomson Majesty (2012–2017) - Thomson / TUI
  • Majesty (2017-present) - Louis Cruise Line.
Check back soon for more details.

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