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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Exclusive Super Yacht Dream Halic Tersaneleri

DREAM Halic Tersaneleri Luxury Yacht.

Lately there has been a push by new entrants into the cruise industry to introduce more intimate, more exclusive, more refined cruise experiences. The truth is that exclusive yacht charters have been around for many years and offered these experiences to wealthy passengers.

While combing through the internet I found this very interesting Yacht that is available for charter - the Dream Halic Tersaneleri,. At the time I discovered this Turkish yacht, I found her anchored in Greece awaiting her next charter. The profile of the ship is that of a sleek cruise liner but at just 36 passengers/ 22 staterooms - it offers intimacy and elegance.

I found this listing on Charter World Website - Check out the elegance of the 1998 built/rebuilt  Dream Halic Tersaneleri


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