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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Havila Voyages Orders 2 Additional Coastal Voyages For Norwegian Route and Expected to Charter Replacement Vessel to Fill Gaps.

Artists Rendering of Havila Voyages New Build - for Norwegian Coastal Service Being Built By Tersan

Havila Voyages officially announced they has signed contract with the Tersan (Turkish Shipyard) for the construction of two more Norwegian coastal vessels. This new order was a direct result of problems at Barreras Shipyard in Spain which caused the cancellation of 2 ships ordered previously .

Havila said in a prepared statement it had "sufficient equity and loan approval to fully finance all four vessels at Tersan."

The company has a contract to service the Norwegian coastal route with four ships starting in 2021.
Delivery for the second set of vessels is projected toward the end of 2021, which would be a year later that originally anticipated for two of the company's four coastal ships.

Starting in 2021, the company expects to have two new ships from Tersan and two more under construction, which will force it to use two replacement vessels. Havila did not elaborate on what ships it would charter for the 2021 season, but said it is actively looking at suitable ships.

Construction of the new ships orders at Tersan is expected to begin shortly..


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